Kelly and Logan's Minnesota Wedding

Kelly and Logan's wedding day started out like any other. Sun was shining and they were both super excited to get married. What people don't know is I was lucky to capture their day but I was not the primary photographer. I have been lucky to shoot and be an associate for Nicki Lynn Photography for the last few years. Nicki was expecting her beautiful rainbow baby and I spent the entire end of the season being with her in case she went in labor. Well this day was the day her little bundle decided to make his debut. She called me to tell me that her water had broke at the hospital and that I needed to cover the day for her. Kelly and Logan were so understanding and just delightful.

I showed up and did what us photographers do. Nicki being the bada$$ that she is was looking for a second shooter to assist me while in active labor all the way up till she gave birth. That is how dedicated she is. She found someone to come and assist me for the day and everything got off without a hitch. I am glad I could be there for this couple and Nicki. Being able to hold her son the day he was born was also another honor and I cannot thank her enough for teaching me and helping me grow as a photographer. She is an amazing mentor and friend and I am so glad that she trusts me with her couples in her place.