About Me

I moved to Wisconsin back in 2004 after my father passed away in 2003. I spent my whole life as a military kid moving around all over the place. I lived in Germany for a large chunk of my life. I am a wife, mom to 5 crazy yet wonderful kids, and mom to some really cute fur babies. (give me all the furry cuteness) I am a lover of all things fall. Bring on the pumpkin spice candles and knee high socks!!! I'm a hopeless romantic. I cry every time I watch the notebook and PS I love you! I love to craft and do woodworking. I have my associates degree in interior design! I love to make things pretty and wanted to be in some kind of creative field. I love sarcasm, witty puns and movie quotes. I watch a lot of movies but horror and comedies are my favorites (this means on your big day you will hear all kinds of movie references). I love to be scared so naturally Halloween is my favorite holiday! My youngest son Connor was born on Halloween, in 2020 during a full moon during a pandemic. I triple whammy'd this holiday! I own one too many Run DMC and Ice Cube shirts than my kids think is allowed. I love everything 80's and gangster rap. I think I am funnier than my husband thinks I am. He might slightly be embarrassed of me at times. I tend to be very goofy. Life is too short to take everything to heart or too seriously. Don't sweat the small things.

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