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 My love of photography started at an early age. I remember my mom always buying me Kodak disposable cameras from the store. I used to take random pictures of everything. I would take pictures of my friends, and objects that I thought were neat. Durning high school I got so crazy taking pictures that my parents said I had to start paying to get my own film developed.

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 would set up different backdrops in my room as a teenager and having photoshoots with my best friend Racheal. We would tack bed sheets to the walls and try to come up with poses. I confiscated my moms Polaroid camera taking it everywhere. Finally at 21 I got my first real Canon 35mm film camera, that was in 2003 right after my father passed away. Yeah I know digital cameras were already out but I couldn't afford one yet. A month before my father passed, my sister took the last image that would ever be taken of him for her photography class in high school. It changed my appreciation for prints and the need to capture the memories with the ones you love. There are no family pictures with my father to hang on the walls. (Unless you want to see a random snap shot I took of him sitting in his Fred Flintstone t-shirt and underpants in his room watching TV. He was an odd duck). Family portraits and memories are dear to my heart, you never know how long you are going to get to spend with your loved ones. That is why I do what I do. It brings me joy knowing that I am creating memories for future generations to look at and cherish. I never thought in a million years that my hobby would become my business. It wasn't until a friend asked me to shoot their wedding. I went out and bought a bunch of gear and went and shot part of that wedding. Later my husband suggested that I really give it a go. He said "Why don't you be a photographer". My response was "I don't know do you think I can? Do you even think I'm any good". He said yes. So my journey began and here I am now. I'm chasing this dream and ready to capture all the memories I can.

Hello, my name is  miranda.

I look forward to getting to know you and capturing your memories.

ME Photography and Design

ME Photography and Design
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